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Continuing professional development is a vital part of corporate performance and staff retention. However the construction industry lacks much of the industry-specific training available to other professions. BUILDING KNOWLEDGE™has a number of courses to help fill that gap.

What we offer

BUILDING KNOWLEDGE™ offers a series of lectures and seminars specifically created for the delivery of skills to professionals working in, or with the construction industry. Remember, our courses are always tailored to suit our clients' specific needs and what we present will be unique to you.

What it costs

BUILDING KNOWLEDGE™ rates are always competive. Charges are agreed on a case by case basis, dependent upon content, duration, materials required and number of attendees.

Our presenter

Philip Sanders, Principal at BUILDING KNOWLEDGE™, has lectured to construction professionals in UK, Australia and Asia on business and technical subjects for more than 15 years and has an established reputation as an engaging and knowledgable presenter.

Further Information

If you do not see a subject you are interested in listed below, please contact BUILDING KNOWLEDGE™, with your request (there's no obligation implied) and we will endeavour to assist!

"BUILDING KNOWLEDGE is widely recognised for the quality and relevance of its industry-based training. "

Our subjects

Conformity and compliance

what’s the difference and have I achieved them?

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Sustainable construction and delivery

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If Only We Knew What We Know

Project Assessment & Assurance for Better Project Management

How do you know if your business or project is really on track against your targets or heading for failure? If you are offtarget, how do you know where, why, how far and for how long? More importantly, how do you get back on target and realise optimal value? This seminar draws on international best practice and, based on the "Health Check" methodology, teaches how to identify and monitor the key drivers of project success to provide improved results, consistently.

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Opt Out of Contractual Disputes

Contract Management for Better Project Outcomes

You don't want your project to become a battle of wills. Your client and suppliers' don't want it either. So, why fight the same contractual battles project, after project, after project? This seminar looks at the way we approach and draft our contracts and highlights the issues that can set us up for conflict and suggests possible strategies and solutions to help your projects run more effectively and less litigiously.

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Capturing the Hidden Value of Knowledge

Any firm providing professional services needs to capture and utilise its most valuable resource: knowledge. However, "knowledge management" (KM) has become a byword with many firms for expensive and underutilised IT systems. KM however is more a "state of mind" within corporate culture rather than a single product or methodolgy. This seminar shows the simple methodologies that can be utilised quickly, easily and effectively to promote and maintain better corporate and individual performance without tears.

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Risk Management in Construction

Risk affects every aspect of your business, every project you undertake, every day. How you recognise, analyse and manage risk significantly impacts your success, or otherwise in business. This seminar focuses on risks stemming from organisational, market and contractual causes that affect your business and the types and specific details of contracts you sign, to ensure you can manage these risks, proactively and in the most appropriate and effective manner.

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Conformity Assessment

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Knowledge Mobilisation

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Project Assessment and Assurance

Construction Sector Consulting

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