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"Do you feel there is a real need for your people to learn from and share their experiences... But there is never the time to pause and reflect?""

Pausing to absorb lessons and share experiences is essential to our growth and future success. Never think of it as spending time that your business cannot afford.

At BUILDING KNOWLEDGE™, we understand that time is the scarcest of commodities. To ensure you learn, retain and document your experiences, we work with you to develop methodologies to capture, refine and share the relevant information between your employees, departments and partner organisations, in an appropriate and useable form.

Not having to “reinvent the wheel” with each new project saves you time, saves you money and helps you achieve a position of knowledge-based competitive advantage in your chosen markets.

"Knowledge has become the key economic resource and the dominat - and perhaps the only -source of competitive advantage"

Peter F Druker

BUILDING KNOWLEDGE™ has delevered tangible benefits to clients from properly applied Knowledge Management techniques, including:

  • Improved customer service through reduced enquiry response time;
  • Faster turnaround times for proposals and submissions;
  • Improved fee recovery from consistent and appropriately drafted documentation;
  • Heightened innovation from easier flow of ideas and information;
  • Enhanced productivity from eliminating the need to “reinvent the wheel”;
  • More productive and effective partner and client relations.

These vital questions for long-term business success - even survival are answered and addressed through the process of benchmarking.

"Information is not knowledge""


Information vs. Knowledge

Remember, data is not neccessarily information and information is not neccessarily knowledge. Data is only informative in context and knowledge comes from understanding why, when and, most importantly how to use that information. BUILDING KNOWLEDGE™ specialises in providing just that guidance to our clients to maximise their performance.


An important part of our work with you includes targeted facilitation. Reflecting on and then articulating the lessons learned from the information gathered is an important aspect of internalising knowledge within your organisation (information becomes knowledge only if it leads to and creates action).

“Learning how to learn” and how to use learning to advantage in a dynamic business environment can be greatly assisted by effective facilitation. BUILDING KNOWLEDGE™ runs highly-regarded workshops for key executives and professional staff on topics such as high-level strategic positioning, implementing professional services, structuring client relationships to appropriate service levels, implementing knowledge management and CRM, and shifting sales skills and culture to encompass suitable levels of technical marketing content.

Tailored workshop structures and processes are developed with you at the outset, so you get what you need – not a standard “lecture”. A report may be provided (if requested) on workshop outcomes with recommendations for action.

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