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How will a Corporate Advisor assist you?

"Never take the advice of someone who has not had your kind of trouble"
- Sid J Harris 1917 - 1986 American Columnist

To prosper in today’s dynamic markets a firm needs to be more flexible, more adaptive, more responsive, more quickly. This dynamism and flux can be harnessed by appointing a Corporate Advisor who has complimentary experience in your area of business.

"Corporate Advisors help company directors to get the most out of their business. They provide fresh objective input to strategic thinking and decision making. They use their broad business experience and judgement to provide encouragement and watch for pitfalls."

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you should seriously consider a Corporate Advisor. Give us a call +61 401 010 202

How would appointing a Corporate Advisor benefit your firm?


Would you like an experienced, approachable advisor you could turn to quickly any time you needed, but you don’t know who to ask?


Do you feel a fresh perspective would help your firm make more effective decisions?


Do you feel your firm needs a broader view of your industry and market?


Do you feel your firm would benefit from a wider range of useful industry contacts?

What does a Corporate Advisor do?

Drawing on specific personal experience and skills, an independent Corporate Advisor can provide your firm significant business advantages:

  • Involvement in the creation of sound business policy and strategy
  • Assisting your review of the plans and budgets underpinning your policy and strategy
  • Acting as a confidential sounding board for the Chairman and Chief Executive
  • Objectively assessing the firm’s overall performance in selected areas
  • Delivering specific, relevant outside experience of the workings of other companies and industries
  • Providing a range of valuable contacts who can provide the resources, skills and perspective necessary to enhance your company performance.

A corporate Advisor is available for advice as and when you need help and guidance. This approach maximises the benefit of their input to your firm and makes the appointment more cost effective than appointing a permanent role. Find Out More...

So, why appoint BUILDING KNOWLEDGE as your Corporate Advisor?

The Principal of BUILDING KNOWLEDGE™, Philip Sanders brings a wealth of relevant experience, knowledge and value to any company. Be it corporate strategy, strategic marketing and branding, property asset or construction project management, our detailed knowledge means more certain decision making for your firm.

Philip can deliver a clear perspective on areas such as corporate strategy, strategic marketing and branding, delivering more certain decision making for your firm at a fraction of the cost of hiring a management consulting firm on a project basis.

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