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Project Assessment and Assurance

Assessing your achievements with an independent angle of view can give your company and staff a significant boost in performance

Really on track?

How do you know if your business or project is really on track against your targets or heading for failure?

Off Target?

If you are off-target, how do you know where, why, how far and for how long?

Optimal Value

More importantly, how do you get back on target and realise optimal value?

"An idealist believes that short run doesn't count. A cynic believes the long run doesn't matter. A Realist believes that what is done or left undone in the short run determines the long run"

Sidney J Harris, 1917 1986 American Columnist

How does BUILDING KNOWLEDGE™ assess projects?

BUILDING KNOWLEDGE™ offers a range project assessment tools to provide you professional, independent assurance that you are obtaining the optimum value and benefit from your projects:

BUILDING KNOWLEDGE™ combines specific industry skills with strong business focus to work with you to develop effective solutions to your project challenges or exploit opportunities identified through the course of the project.

So, what type of assessement should I consider?

Different types of assessment should be considered during different stages of project progress or for different project types


Start-up Assessment:

This type of assessment reviews the business justification for the project and how the project fits your business strategy before you get into the meat of the project.

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Project Assurance (or "Project Health Check"):

Have you found yourself committed to funding rework, additional activities, fire-fighting unanticipated risks and struggling to cope with an overwhelming pace of requirements change? Project Assurance is a form of assessment can be undertaken at any stage of a project to independently check and confirm the continuing viability and progress of your project. We develop a specific assessment plan with you, relevant to the stage of the project.

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Project Completion Assessment:

This is carried out at the point when the project claims to have met all its deliverable objectives and completion criteria. It asks questions and measures such items as "has the project been satisfactorily closed off?" and "has expenditure been finialised and fully accounted for?".

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Knowledge Audit:

A Knowledge audit is a formal process used to determine and evaluate how and where knowledge is used within your organization. It looks at information capture, dissemination patterns, identifies bottlenecks and blockages where neccessary information and knowledge is not being transferred. No matter how well your business is running this form of audit is always valuable. The results are often surprising!.

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Like to know more?

If you would like to discuss your specific situation and the best assessment type for your needs in an informal, confidential and totally free brief consolation, please contact us by email or call +61- (0)401-010-202

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